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The piano is probably one of the most iconic and widely known musical instrument, which is still incredibly popular. So no wonder so many people still want to learn how to play it and become masters in the sphere. The process of learning can take quite a while, and many people are put off by the thought, thinking they will never start practicing on their own, which is just ridiculous. Indeed, learning can take a lot of time, but if you practice daily and be concentrated and willing to continue, you’ll notice how quickly you will be able to do the simplest thing by yourself.

How to Play Piano: Guidelines for Beginners

  • Know your notes.
    You really can’t go far if you don’t know what is music. It’s like learning the language, without learning the ABC at first. The notes will seem complicated and they will be. When you were a kid and was learning to read, the letters also were extremely difficult.
  • Get yourself a piano.
    You could buy a new one, or get a used one from somewhere, this is all up to you. But once it’s all done, take you time and look at it. Learn how the parts are called and what they are used for.
  • Learn Do-Re-Mi.
    This can be an exercise and it’s the way it’s used by some teachers. Playing Do-Re-Mi, using notes is a good first step with your piano.
  • And don’t forget a posture.
    Learn how to sit properly and check it all the time when you sit down to play. This could be a good practice and after some time it will be automatic. Also, learn to place your hands the proper way.
  • Remember to move.
    It’s nice to play the simplest things, but you should also learn how to move your hands and don’t confuse them. Playing the piano is all about those hand moves, which will be hard to master if your coordination is not so good.
  • Practice, practice, practice. This will probably require a ton of coffee, so get your self a spill-proof ceramic travel mug with a wide bottom. That way, you don’t risk spilling coffee on your piano.

It should be a lot and it most likely will be long and painful at first. There is no shortcut with this instrument and you’ll find it hard, really hard. But the more you practice, the easier some melodies will come out and soon enough you’ll be playing more and more independently.

Some Things You Might Need

  • You’ll really need a lot of those and they should be really simple at first. You could get some for kids, those will be the easiest.
  • Study books.
    Even though many people prefer online lessons or just websites, you might want to purchase some guides and books about playing the piano.
  • Support team.
    Make sure at least someone else knows about your desire to learn and that someone will be there for you when you’ll decide to give up. Also by telling a friend of your plans, you’ll have to really do what you’ve planned.
  • And loads, loads of it. Meditate, learn to stay calm no matter what happens, watch motivational videos, just don’t give up and be patient.


As you see, playing piano involves a strong will, but the beauty of the sound and the example of the masters are a good motivation. Actually, this instrument is not hard to learn, as long and you try and continue, you’ll be good.