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We recently did a post on the benefits of playing a musical instrument. There are a lot of them and everyone should learn an instrument for that reason. Doing so will help you in so many ways. But there’s one thing we didn’t mention in that post and that is singing.

Singing also has some wonderful benefits. Learning to sing can be difficult, but learning the basics isn’t too hard at all. With a website like musicaroo.com, you can learn how to sing and improve your voice so much in only a few short months. It does take a lot of work, but the benefits are worth it.

The first benefit is superficial. If you can sing well, you get bragging rights when you go to karaoke with your friends. You can show them up with your new-found singing skills. You can choose hard songs and you can blow them out of the water. Even better, choose one of the easy karaoke songs to sing from this list and you will impress people even more. Most people will realize that these are easy songs, because they are hugely popular and they really get a crowd going. You will be a huge hit if you sing one of these karaoke songs.

singing a songNow that we are done with the superficial reason, let’s get into the best benefit of singing. This is something people in Asia, especially Japan, have known for many years. Japanese people work very hard. They drink tons of coffee at work and while they travel around. They even all have travel mugs just so they can have more coffee.

They get very little time off and their work is stressful. In fact, their lives are very stressful. When they feel especially stressed, they head to a karaoke place. Belting out their favorite songs with their friends helps them relieve the stress from the daily struggle at work.

Karaoke is a bit different in Asia than it is in the West. In Asia you get your own private room for just you and your friends. No one else hears you sing. Furthermore, you can get food and drinks delivered to that room. So yes, some of the stress relief is due to the alcohol, but even people who don’t drink, which is a lot of them, still melt away the stress by singing.

If you have ever belted out a song at the top of your lungs and really put all of yourself into it, you’ll know exactly how well this works for stress relief. And even if you’ve not sung, but you’ve done something like scream into a pillow or put your head into a bathtub full of water and screamed underwater, you know how much better that can make you feel. Singing does so even more.

Is not just the singing; it is also the camaraderie. Singing with your friends, singing along with their songs or just playing along on the tambourine or the maracas (for some reason you always get one of these two instruments, and often both, in Asian karaoke rooms) does wonders for your stress levels. Few things will make you feel better after a hard day of work.

If you don’t live in Asia, you obviously can not go to one of these karaoke rooms. And many people do not want to sing in front of a bunch of strangers, so western-style karaoke singing is out. I understand that. But, you can buy your own karaoke system for the home, assuming you live somewhere where you won’t disturb your neighbors too much. Then you can sing at home by yourself to relieve stress. It is not as good as with your friends, but it still works very well. Plus, you could invite your friends over and have your own little karaoke session. Trust me, this will get rid of your stress, will make you feel wonderful and you will have a great time with your friends.