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Quick, as a music producer, what you think is the most important tool I use throughout the day? I’m sure the answers are quite varied. People will say my car, my phone, various musical instruments, production equipment and so on. But few will say the actual thing that is most important.

And that thing is coffee. Without coffee, I would get nothing done. I drink multiple cups every single day. And I drink them from my wide bottomed ceramic travel mug. Why do I have such a specific mug? I’ll get to that.

The truth is I actually have a number of mugs. Most of them are the travel style mugs, but I also have some that are open. What’s the difference? I’m glad you asked.

Woman holding a travel coffee mug

Open mugs are the standard coffee mugs you see everywhere. There what you’re used to. A travel mug differs, in that it has a lid to help prevent spills and splashes. Usually travel mugs are also insulated. This helps keep your coffee hot longer. In other words, these road cups allow you to take your coffee with you when you hit the road.

Since I am always traveling about town and often traveling long distances, well, I need travel mugs. That is how I get my coffee during my commute and during my business travels. Even in the office, I prefer to drink from a travel mug, because it holds more (yes, I have a large size travel mug) and because it insulates my coffee and keeps it warm longer than a regular cup would.

So why did I get a wide bottomed mug? Well, as mentioned, I have many different types of mugs. The wide-body mug is actually not practical if you’re driving in your car, because it doesn’t fit into a cup holder.

But it is great in the office, because the wide-body makes it harder to spill. It also means it can hold more. This is also the mug you want to use when you travel by train or by bus or even by plane. The wide bottom makes it much harder to tip over, and goes a long way toward preventing accidents.

My mug has a cool design on it and a little saying, but you can get them with almost any kind of design. There some that look really cool, there are some that are terrible, there are many that feature movies or characters or sports teams, etc. Of course, there are also tons of musically themed ones. Yes, I do have one that says “World’s Best Music Producer.”

You can really choose any style of mug you like. Ever since I got my travel mug, it has saved me a lot of time. Now I can drink my coffee while I’m on the road. I don’t have to stay in the office to finish a cup and then go out. I can pour a cup and then go out immediately. It saves me a ton of time and I also really like having a cup of coffee while I’m traveling. Whenever I go to visit all the singers under contract, I always take it with me.

If you enjoy coffee and you are often on the road, I highly recommend getting a travel mug. Often people will simply go buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks or somewhere else. This is fine, but it does add up. You spend a lot of money on this. The other thing is, you’re using reusable cups. That means you throw them away which creates waste.

Another great thing about a ceramic travel mug, is that you can actually take it to Starbucks and many other coffee shops, like McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts and so on, and have them fill it up for you. They will charge you less than they would if you use the reusable cup, although the difference is usually not that large.

Nevertheless, the main advantage isn’t the cost savings, it is the environmental savings. Plus I’ve noticed if you have a large cup, they generally won’t charge you for a large coffee. The just go ahead and charge you for small and still fill up your large one. In that case you actually are saving quite a bit but this is not a standard policy. This will depend on your local location.

Either way, having a ceramic travel mug, or any other type of travel mug, is a great thing, no matter how you look at it. So go out and get yourself your own. You can buy them anywhere, including branded ones from any famous coffee shop, like Starbucks, for instance.